Hardestee International

Hardestee International Hardestee International comprise of four organization, which are Hardestee Driving School, Hardestee Charity, Hardestee Music and Hardestee Comedy. Odewoye Adebola OluwaToyosi better known as Hardestee is a Physicist Philanthropist,Instructor, Entertainer and Editor. He's the Founder of Hardestee International.

Hardestee Driving School :

At Hardestee Driving School , we strive hard day and night to give the best always and customers satisfaction is our number one priority . Hardestee Driving School is a Government Approved driving school

Hardestee Music :

Hardestee is a inspirational Musician and The Walking Boy will be number 25 of his single he has released so far. Hardestee is a talented musician with passion to collaborate with other top musicians across the globe.

Hardestee Charity :

Hardestee is striving hard to provide for the need of the less priviledge in the society, expecially the helpless children, poor old persons across Nigeria.

Hardestee Comedy :

Hardestee work hard with his comedian team to put smiles on the faces of africans, via comedy. We release series of good comedy every week to entertain our followers

Staff of Hardestee

Below are some of the staffs that help to pilot the Hardestee Incoporation.

Odewoye Adebola OluwaToyosi - B.Tech

Driving Examiner, Team Leader

Ishola Timileyin - HND

Driving Instructor

Mrs Olorunfemi Monisola , OND